Stuck in a romantic rut? Sick of nonsensical arguing with your partner? Just experienced a painful breakup?

Besides soothing words from friends and professional help from a psychiatrist, feng shui may as well help you improve your love life. Feng Shui practitioners believe that the color of your bedroom can better your romantic life by creating positive chi or energy between you and your partner. Every couple has their own relationship issues, major concerns and goals; one color that works for some may not work for the others. Explore the following list of feng shui colors and find out which one may best suit your situation.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
In feng shui, red represents the fire element, therefore it can be either elevating or aggravating. If you want to spice up your sex life, go for red. But if you have trouble settling down with your lover or have had a quarrelsome relationship, stay away from this color, or at least choose calmer shades of red instead of bright ones.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Yellow signifies earth, lucidity and optimism. In some Asian cultures, it has been considered an imperial color, and a lot of feng shui masters find it even more beneficial than red, in terms of wealth and health. Use bright shades of yellow if you seek for an open-minded, honest relationship. Use softer tones such as amber, daffodil and sunset gold to create mellow sensuality. If you often have an insomnia, however, this color is not recommended.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
It's a beautiful fusion of romantic red and enlivening yellow, one of the best feng shui colors for romance luck. It is a great color for a couple with polar opposites, for its vibrant energy can induce understanding and willingness to compromise. Unlike red, it can lend excitement without too much heat or jealousy.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
White, in feng shui practice, is associated with the metal element. It stands for both purity and inner strength. For people seeking a sizzling sex life, white is probably not a good option. It has, nonetheless, more healing power than any other colors. Breakups can be excrutiatingly difficult to get over. If you have just experienced a painful breakup, decorate your bedroom with this color in order to clear your mind, renew your faith and nourish your courage.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Blue is often recommended by feng shui gurus for people who want to improve their health. In terms of romance luck, blue is an ideal color for cat-and-dog couples who somehow manage to argue with each other almost daily. Its association with water can bring harmony, flexibility and compassion to you and your partner. For singles, painting your bedroom blue can attract a lover who gives you peace of mind. If you suffer from depression, try to avoid this color or use vivid shades of blue instead of pastel ones.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
With this combination of luscious red and immaculate white, your relationship can cultivate both sexual fufillment and altruistic love. It is perfect for every couple. If you use pink as the theme color of your bedroom, make sure that it is definitely pink. According to feng shui practitioners, pale pink with a hint of orange may undermine the longevity of your relationship.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Many feng shui gurus believe that purple is the color of spirituality. Like white, it contains the power of healing. And similar to blue, it radiates a harmonious energy to you and your partner. It is suitable for married couples or those who try to nurture their long-term relationship. If you hope for a steamy sex life, keep away from purple. If you are newly single and want to find yourself again, purple can enhance your spiritual insight and strengthen your sense of self.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Green represents the wood element, hence in feng shui practice, it is the color of growth and change. Its evolving force is great for a couple stuck in a rut or a single searching for an adventurous soul mate.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Associated with the earth element, brown speaks of stability and reasssurance, the same way a good home provides warmth and protection. Paint your bedroom brown if you want to attract a faithful lover. Dark and medium shades of brown are believed to strengthen your confidence, whereas lighter browns tend to calm your mind and stop you from overanalyzing your relationship. Stay away from this earthy shade, however, if you feel that your sex life has been so dull and needs to be spiced up.

Love Life with Bedroom Color Feng Shui
Black is quite an unusual color for a bedroom. Perhaps it's because a lot of people tend to associate black with loneliness and sorrow. In feng shui, however, painting your bedroom black or using it as an accent color can be pretty beneficial to your relationship. Like blue, it stands for the water element, which promotes flexibility and understanding. Also, since it has the charm of mystery and invites exploration, it may attract a venturesome lover who'd love to take you along a exciting ride.
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